Crop Science & Innovation

Biopesticides & Biostimulants

US$10-$100 Billion

Market Opportunity

Mondias Celext07

Launch Planned for 2019

Annual Economic Losses Of US$10 Billion To $100 Billion Worldwide From Grey Mould Postharvest Infections

(L. Hua Et Al., 2018)

Market trends

The biopesticide market is driven by such factors as:

  • Pest resistance and integrated pest management (IPM) measures
  • Growth in demand for organic food
  • Promotion by government agencies
  • Heavy crop loss due to pest attacks
  • Lower raw material costs
  • Faster regulatory approval

Our solution

Mondias has developed two products:

  • Extract ready for addition to fertilizers
  • Extract ready for field tests on infected crops